Inspirational Music: The Golden Filter

Sometimes you stumble upon really great bands and start to wonder why you never found their music before. Today I was digitalising my cd collection and add them to my digital collection when I stumbled upon The Golden Filter. They caught my eye because of their albumcover for the album Voluspa which is a photo of a person covered with a red cloth in the middle of an abandoned landscape. I started listening to it and it’s a really great album! I can’t really remember where I found it, probably on in a list of recommended artists because it does sound a bit like some other bands I love, like iamamiwhoami and Zeigeist. I looked them up on the internet and found out that one of their latest records is an audiovisual project. I really like it when visual artists collaborate with bands to create something that’s somewhere in the middle of a movie and a videoclip. The film Syndromes is a about a young girl which seems to have some sort of talent to heal people. You see her struggle with the power to heal but also feeling sick because of all the ill people she has to visit.

Go to to see the film.

I also found that besides an interesting film the band also has some interesting photos, including the Voluspa album cover:







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