The complexity of memories

After my grandfather’s dead my father started to sort my grandfather’s huge dia collection although he did not do this in a very organized way.. He kept all the dia’s featuring people and put the ones without any people in a huge bag. My grandfather made loads of photos of landscapes, houses, churches and old villages so that bag became a huge bag of dia’s. My father wanted to throw it away but fortunately I could keep it away from the garbage bin. So now I’m stuck with thousands of unsorted dia’s..

So, I have started to sort them in different categories: dreamy pictures, landscapes, villages and houses. I want to use the dreamy ones in a new project but I didn’t really know what to do with the other ones because they weren’t really interesting. Some time ago I made a double scan of some negatives and maybe I could do a similar thing with these uninteresting dia’s. So I have searched for dia’s that could give a nice effect when put together.

The results reminded me of the complexity how our brain manages memories. After a while you only remember the good things and interesting things that happened. Like a Christmas morning, a birthday when you got that book you always wanted, that wonderful forest you went to on vacation, the moment when a duck bit your sisters hand, or a mountain that looked like a giant. Often our brain mixes up memories, which is how I see this dia series. The photos are my grandfathers memories. He told me about some of these places but I never went there myself. In my mind my grandfathers vacations became a mixture of walking in beautiful landscapes and old villages.












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