Inspiration: Arthur Tress

Arthur Tress make still life photos which are not as normal as most still life photos are. He doesn’t just arrange the objects in a nice way but makes them come to life as they were part of a play. During the making of his series ‘Fish Tank Sonata’ Arthur Tress was staying in a small cottage filled with collectibles and vintage items from the forties and fifties. These items fascinated Arthur and I wanted to make some still life photos with them. He wanted to use some sort of container as a setting for the items but he couldn’t find one. He went to some antique shops and eventually found a fish tank that belonges to the mother of the owner of one of the shops. This is how the series Fish Tank Sonata started. He published these photos in a book together with poems to accompany the images.

Besides ‘Fish Tank Sonata’ Arthur Tress has some other interesting still life projects like ‘Tea Pot Opera’ and ‘Hospital Constructions’. Have a look on his website.

Fish Tank Sonata:

Arthur_Tress (1)

Arthur_Tress (2)

Arthur_Tress (3)

Arthur_Tress (4)

Tea Pot Opera:

Arthur_Tress (5)

Arthur_Tress_ (2)

Hospital Constructions:

Arthur_Tress (2)

Arthur_Tress (1)

Arthur_Tress_ (1)

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