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Pinterest 46 2012


Bunny by Leontine Greenberg
Watercolor drawings of weird but cute creatures

Christmas Season Decoration by John Alcorn
From 1964. Colourful illustrations, both realistic and surreal.

Illustrations by Julie Morstad

Wildlife series by Magie
Love this new magpie series

Harry Potter Time-Turner
Who wouldn’t want to have this ;)

The Frost by Robin Wilson
Winter landscape

Polaroid Necklace
Photo idea.

Inspiration: Viewbook Photostory

The Viewbook Photostory is an international competition that focuses on the narrative aspects of the photographic art form.
On the website you can see several submissions of small stories.

Some of my favourites are displayed below. I will just post one photo and the title because I think you should see and read the story yourself on the Viewbook website, because there they form a whole and gives more impact than on this weblog.

One by Luca Spano

What Remains by Naman Protick Sarker

The Story of One Man by Maxim Dondyuk

Flyhouse by Christopher Moon

Portraits of a Tornado Path by Mathieu Asselin

Distant and Close by Alla Mirovskaya

Losing Ground by Matt Kay

Hulk’s Toys by Tommaso Barsali

Pinterest 45 2012

Another week of inspiration on Pinterest

by Kathleen Connally
Connally’s photoblog is all about the place she lives in: Durham Township, Pennsylvania. Her landscape photography is the most interesting.

Stellar by Ignacio Torres
“This project began from the theory that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death.” says the photographer on his website. It’s an interesting project with moving (gif) images.

Pink and mint
Lovely color combination although I wouldn’t paint my own house that way.

Geometric paper containers free printable
Handy and free storage which also looks pretty.

Whimsical storage, found on Ikea Family
Colourful storage idea

November has just began but already all the shops are filled with Christmas products so I’m already gathering idea’s and products for next Christmas. I really like christmas. I don’t celebrate it as the Christian Christmas but more like the Yule feast: a time of cosiness, being together, lights that brighten up the dark days, beautiful nature, etc.

Photo ornaments
Christmas idea; diy photo ornaments.

Pinterest 44 2012

Pin pin pin pin pinterest!

by Gosia Janik
Originally posted on a weblog which displays black & white photos.

Taika by iittala
I would really like to have this dinnerware. Unfortunately it’s a bit expensive..

Diy Clock
Found some great ideas for making clocks recently. I almost finished my own diy clock which I will show here on my weblog when it’s finished.

By Pedro Díaz Molins.

Reindeer window stickers
Allready gathering ideas for christmas, christmas cards, gifts for photo-contacts, etc.

Pinterest 43 2012

Another week of inspiration on pinterest

Barracuda surrounding a diver off the coast of Sipadan, Malaysia (by David Doubilet)

Sarolta Ban
More surreal photomanipulations on

Picnic in a box
Bring nice food, good weather and nice surroundings with your everywhere you go :)

Photo pendants by Rikki van Camp
Found this on etsy. Nice idea to something else with photography than just print them on photo paper.

Autumn is here. There was a lovely fog this morning, unfortunately when I wanted to grab by camera and head for the forest the fog was gone..

Neon Pillows
by Ferm Living

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