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Kaleidoscope coasters

I love to look in magazines like 101 woonideeën to collect ideas for my own place. Since a year me and boyfriend have our own place which we like to decorate with products we like. Before he lived with his parents and myself with two room-mates so we never had a real place of our own which we could style and decorate the way we wanted. We started here with stuff I already had from my old place but in that time I bought stuff which I liked just a bit because it was cheap and kind of nice to look at (or because it was cheap). Furthermore we had lots of stuff which I got for free from my parents who recently moved to a new house so they got lots of spare furniture and accessories. So over the past year we got rid of lots of old stuff which we didn’t really like anymore and only bought new stuff which we really like and fits with our style. I posted some photos of our house on my pinterest and want to make some more photos soon (after I organized everything)

This week it was time to replace our coasters! Today I went to Amsterdam to buy paper for my exhibition and on my way back to the trainstation I paid a visit to De Bijenkorf and found these real cool coasters from Kikkerland . You can rotate the transparent top to get a kaleidoscope effect.



Inspiration: Woonbeurs

Last week I went to the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam and found some great products and ideas:

Use framed photos if you don’t have a window.

Ariadne Huis – Vintage radio and photo

Gelderland Colour Wood

Gelderland pillows

101 Woonideeën huis – Triangles

101 Woonideeën huis – Love this tray! Don’t know who made it..

101 Woonideeën huis – The rabbit looks like it’s real !

101 Woonideeën huis – Yarn with glue lamp

Felt Lamp

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