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♥ Electronic music

From my previous posts about music you can see I like electronic music a lot. Not the boom-boom-noise kind of music but the more melodic sort. I also somehow prefer electronic bands with female vocals which add sort of a soft touch to the music. Furthermore I like the fact that most of the electronic bands also translate their music in an audiovisual way with great and original videos. In this blogpost I want to show some of my favourite electronic bands:

iamamiwhoami – Y (Brilliant audiovisual project, my favourite!)

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch

Oh Land – White Nights. (I especially like the surrealism and randomness of the videoclip.)

Planningtorock- Doorway
[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Fever Ray – Seven

Marscheaux – Summer

The Golden Filter – Voluspa

Crystal Castles – Black Panther (Their music is great but the videos are not that special although this one is kind of nice because it shows the game Tron from the 80s)

Lamb – There she walks (loved this one at Lowlands festival when it was displayed on three big screens)
[vimeo w=500&h=275]

Cloetta Paris – Secret Eyes (unfortunately they didn’t make any videos.. but the song is great)

Another one by iamamiwhoami because I really love their music and videos:

Inspirational Music: Cloetta Paris

There’s nothing that can motivate you more than some inspirational music. Last week I was looking at ‘recommended artists’ on and found the electro duo Cloetta Paris. I listened to some of their songs and I immediately loved it! Their songs are happy and make you want to dance. Their only album was recorded in 2008 so I hope they will release something new in the near future.





Inspirational Music: The Golden Filter

Sometimes you stumble upon really great bands and start to wonder why you never found their music before. Today I was digitalising my cd collection and add them to my digital collection when I stumbled upon The Golden Filter. They caught my eye because of their albumcover for the album Voluspa which is a photo of a person covered with a red cloth in the middle of an abandoned landscape. I started listening to it and it’s a really great album! I can’t really remember where I found it, probably on in a list of recommended artists because it does sound a bit like some other bands I love, like iamamiwhoami and Zeigeist. I looked them up on the internet and found out that one of their latest records is an audiovisual project. I really like it when visual artists collaborate with bands to create something that’s somewhere in the middle of a movie and a videoclip. The film Syndromes is a about a young girl which seems to have some sort of talent to heal people. You see her struggle with the power to heal but also feeling sick because of all the ill people she has to visit.

Go to to see the film.

I also found that besides an interesting film the band also has some interesting photos, including the Voluspa album cover:







Inspirational music: iamamiwhoami

One of my biggest inspirations is iamamiwhoami: the visual music project of Jonna Lee, producer Claes Björklund and photographer John Strandh.
It started as viral video-music project; every once in a while they uploaded a mysterious video on youtube. Once more people were spreading the word, the videos became very popular. If you haven’t heard them yet, go to their Youtube channel and watch the wonderful videos.