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Inspiration: Viewbook Photostory

The Viewbook Photostory is an international competition that focuses on the narrative aspects of the photographic art form.
On the website you can see several submissions of small stories.

Some of my favourites are displayed below. I will just post one photo and the title because I think you should see and read the story yourself on the Viewbook website, because there they form a whole and gives more impact than on this weblog.

One by Luca Spano

What Remains by Naman Protick Sarker

The Story of One Man by Maxim Dondyuk

Flyhouse by Christopher Moon

Portraits of a Tornado Path by Mathieu Asselin

Distant and Close by Alla Mirovskaya

Losing Ground by Matt Kay

Hulk’s Toys by Tommaso Barsali

Inspirational music: iamamiwhoami

One of my biggest inspirations is iamamiwhoami: the visual music project of Jonna Lee, producer Claes Björklund and photographer John Strandh.
It started as viral video-music project; every once in a while they uploaded a mysterious video on youtube. Once more people were spreading the word, the videos became very popular. If you haven’t heard them yet, go to their Youtube channel and watch the wonderful videos.

Inspiration: Woonbeurs

Last week I went to the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam and found some great products and ideas:

Use framed photos if you don’t have a window.

Ariadne Huis – Vintage radio and photo

Gelderland Colour Wood

Gelderland pillows

101 Woonideeën huis – Triangles

101 Woonideeën huis – Love this tray! Don’t know who made it..

101 Woonideeën huis – The rabbit looks like it’s real !

101 Woonideeën huis – Yarn with glue lamp

Felt Lamp

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